About Me

Hello. I write lots of different things.

I published my debut novel, a sci-fi comedy/conspiracy thriller called Tomorrow Never Knows, in July 2015 through Snowbooks. My second novel, also sci-fi, is called Hearts Of Oak, and was published in March 2020 by Tor.com.

I write for television, with credits including episodes of Sarah & Duck (CBeebies, 2015-16), Hollyoaks (Channel 4, 2014-15) and the upcoming Chinese adaptation of Channel 4’s Humans (CCTV, 2020). I write for radio, and created the sitcom Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully (BBC Radio 2, 2012-13; BBC Radio 4, 2014) which ran for two series.

I’ve written for various sketch shows including That Mitchell And Webb Sound, Small Scenes, 2525, Look Away Now, Recorded For Training Purposes, Newsjack (which I also script edited) and Play And Record. I’ve written a couple of drama podcasts: Adulting, the first drama produced by the Guardian, and the children’s series The Space Programme, which is airing now on Fun Kids Radio.

I’ve worked with the wonderful Dukes Theatre in Lancaster several times, including writing their 2015 Christmas show, Beauty And The Beast. My comics work includes scripts for 2000AD, Marvel, IDW, Doctor Who Adventures, Transformers Prime and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I wrote a book called The Art Of Sean Phillips, about the work of the eponymous comics artist, and collaborated on an illustrated adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

I’ve written a lot of short stories and audio plays connected to Doctor Who, mostly for Big Finish Productions. I wrote several episodes of BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Doctor Who series, mostly starring Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith. I’ve worked extensively as a journalist and critic. I’ve published books about the Coen brothers and film noir, academic essays on film, television and comics, and have written reviews, interviews and articles for publications including The Guardian, The New Statesman, SFX, Film Review and Death Ray.

As you can probably guess, I’m always interested in hearing about new offers of work. Find me on Twitter; contact my scripts agent, Matt Connell at Berlin Associates, or my books agent Doug Young at PEW Literary.

One reply on “About Me”

Thinking about entering the BBC’s Writersroom comedy competition, so learning how to format radio scripts. Discovered two of yours used by the BBC as examples: Welcome to our village – the pilot episode, and episode 3 from series 2. Laugh out loud excellent writing. Hope I can get anywhere near as good.

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