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Tomorrow Never Knows (2015)

My first novel, ten years in the making. It’s set in the 23rd century, among the hipster community in a city in the clouds of Jupiter, with characters including a minister in a church which worships The Beatles, a scholarship student who can read your memories by touching your hair, a trustafarian artist trying to produce work to commemorate a mining disaster on Io, and an artificial savant who has realised that the entire city is doomed.

The Art Of Sean Phillips (with Sean Phillips) (2013)

A career-spanning survey of the brilliant comics artist Sean Phillips. For this I interviewed dozens of Sean’s friends and collaborators, including Dave Gibbons, Ed Brubaker, Eddie Campbell, Warren Ellis, Peter Milligan, Devin Grayson, Charlie Adlard, Duncan Fegredo and loads more. The best-looking book I’ve ever been involved with.

Dracula (with Nicola L Robinson) (2009)

A picture-book adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel, with little interactive bits like flapping bats and maps you can pull out. It’s quite faithful to the original – just massively abridged. And it fixes a plot hole.

Film Noir (2005)

An overview of the classical period of Film Noir. I picked eighteen American films from the 1940s and 1950s and did a chapter on each one, plus some little bits about other films. I still think it’s a good introduction to the subject, summing up various critical positions on the movement and adding some stuff I came up with all by myself.

Who’s Next (with Mark Clapham & Jim Smith) (2005)

A programme guide covering the first forty years of Doctor Who, published shortly before the series’ revival in 2005. Intended as a handbook for newcomers interested in investigating the series’ past, it’s analytical rather than collecting plot summaries and cast lists, since you can find those online.

Coen Brothers (2003)

A guide to the films of the Coen brothers, comprising background information and analysis. In fact it only covers everything up to Intolerable Cruelty, as the Coens inconsiderately embarked on the most prolific phase of their career shortly after I finished writing it. There’s a Kindle edition as well.